“I was initially recommended by a concerned friend to visit Ruby. I was struggling to to make sense of many aspects of my life. The daily grind, stress and baggage was weighing down on me and seemed to be all consuming. It was therefore time to address my issues from a new perspective – holistically! It was the best decision I ever made.

During each session, which is unique to that visit, Ruby uses a variety of holistic methods (crystal healing, relaxation, sound therapy, angelic healing, etc) to effectively peel away the layers of discord.

I now feel light, centred and whole again and the issues that once burdened me on a daily basis have been completely removed or re-balanced. This is a very small summary of the overall benefits that I have experienced as a result of Ruby’s healing techniques.

I can only offer the highest recommendations for others to also experience the wonderful results of visiting Holistic Ruby.”


“Ruby embodies all that is peaceful and cantered energy, the healing is set in her wonderful crystal cave.

The healing its self was a hypnotic empowering experience, very balancing and relaxing, ruby playing the gong claiming, clearing and peaceful, feeling the sound waves smoothing away problems healing my head body and mind of all.

After a healing with ruby I felt more balanced and like I was on a journey and was clearing a path in my past, opening doors to a bright future.

Ruby provided me with complete care, from an assessment to tailoring the gong and healing to my spiritual needs, the aftercare ruby checked in regularly to see how I was doing and provided further healings and spiritual clearing to clear my path in life.”


“When I first went to Ruby I can honestly say that I felt lost for a variety of different reasons. I still remember the thing that struck me about my first visit was her ability to just make me feel relaxed pretty much straight away. We spent 2/3 hours just talking. In which time we spoke about everything I was experiencing. I am a pretty privet person so I did not expect to find it as easy to open up as I did. I genuinely did not sense any judgement from her just a desire to understand what I would need as I start my own personal healing journey. Fast forward a year and I can genuinely say that starting this journey was one of the best decisions I made. I am not a very religious person and I don’t like doing what I am told for the sake of following instructions. I definitely have my own mind and don’t consider myself a sheep, but I can honestly say that healing has helped me more than I ever thought it could and hopefully it will continue to do so. If you’re thinking about giving it a go, (trust me I was sceptical at first) my advise to you would be to try one session. If you hate it then don’t ever go back, but I seriously doubt that will be the case for most!”


“Ruby is a beautiful soul and an amazing healer whoworks with the utmost integrity, honesty and care. She is truthful and passionate, selflessly sharing her knowledge and wisdom when is in the Divine Order. I believe there is nothing that Ruby will say or do unless she has learnt, felt and experienced herself. That is true wisdom and essence of an authentic Spiritual Teacher. I have had a few healing sessions with Ruby and each time I left feeling stronger, lighter and with renewed confidence. I have discovered each time the importance of reminding myself to accept that there is always work to do on one’s self with love and compassion in order to grow in flow and balance with the Universe.Thank you Ruby.”


“My first experience of sound therapy with Ruby was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I’d been through a really busy period at work and I knew I was a little tense. I didn’t realise just how much until after the session. I could literally feel the stress leaving me – it was like heat leaving your body on a cold day. After the session I felt lighter and utterly relaxed – more than I had for a long time. I highly recommend the experience.”




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