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Everyone is aware that we should look after ourselves better but making a transition or change of lifestyle can be difficult. That is why I am here for you. To offer my experience and help you make the change from the life you currently lead, to the one that will ultimately be healthier and more fulfilling for you on an emotional, mental and physical level, or to help you find positive ways to cope with the numerous situations life can throw us into.

Working around you and your individual needs I can bring about the transition you want, aligned with sensible achievable goals and make our time together fun and enjoyable.

up & coming holistic accredited courses

sound healing practitoner training

Expect to understand the healing power of the voice. Remove blockages from the voice. Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions Balance the chakras with vowel sounds. Using sound for meditation. And much more…

Training with a COSH (The College of Sound Healing) tutor.

angelic reiki®

Each of the four workshops provide you with the opportunity to reconnect with your own healing gifts and a direct link to the Angelic Kingdom to begin or deepen your connection with the angels. The power of each workshop provides you with an opportunity for a life transforming experience.

new shamballa

A five day workshop where you will be attuned to The 13 dimensions of creation and to the Energy of Unconditional Love of each of the 13 dimensions. This workshop confirms the participant as a multi-dimensional healer where you will receive a work book and certificate.

merkabah of creation

A workshop taught in two parts – which is still fiercely guarded in secret societies today.

Expect your mind to be energised by this creative force and all that is in your mind to be powerfully externalised in the outer world.

What is the gift of Merkabah? The ability to create your own reality.

up & coming holistic group sessions & workshops

ancestral healing workshop

– – – OCTOBER 2019 – – –

This two day workshop is designed to heal our ancestral male and female lines to heal family trauma and remove obstacles stopping our family from functioning in a loving manner.

crystal and sound workshop

– – – June 29th & 30th  2019  – – –

This two day intensive workshop is a mixture of practical teachings and experiential meditations to link us to the secret dimensions of the crystal kingdom only accessed using the keys of sound.

group voice and sound therapy

– – – DATES TBC – – –

A one day workshop using either the voice, instruments or both to create various harmonic or discordant sounds. A wonderful way for individual healings to occur in a space where the energy is greater.

group gong bath

– – – DATES TBC – – –

During the session, the gong master will activate a full sonic potential; increasing or lowering the frequency as guided. Each session will be a unique experience, as the sacred vibrations will accommodate the individual / group needs at that time.

treatment prices

First initial consultation to determine if I can help you and you feel comfortable working with me £90 – Duration 2.5 HRS Block bookings & concessions available.



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" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018